A Tale of Two Styles

The Hamptons and Palm Beach. Two iconic summer destinations with two distinct styles.

As the influx of New Yorkers moving to South Florida continues, they’re bringing their Northeast tastes with them, presenting an opportunity to marry the coastal chicness of the Hamptons with the colorful prep of Palm Beach. From color schemes to textiles, here’s how to get the best of both worlds this summer.

While Palm Beach’s pinks and greens are decidedly on the other end of the spectrum from the Hampton’s warm neutrals, coastal blues marry the seaside nature of both styles. Compliment them with a muted shade of coral or sea green for contrast and just the right amount of color. A black-and-white scheme is another luxurious approach shared by both styles.

It’s not uncommon for Palm Beach to mix patterns like florals and animal prints in the same space. For a more nuanced approach, limit these patterns to artwork or the small details of the room, like a throw pillow. If you want patterns to take center stage, choose more timeless options like paisleys, stripes, or brocade as your statement accent.

One thing these styles both share is a love for natural materials. Bamboo, rattan, and wicker are wonderful ways to bring nature indoors. Go for a more polished looked by choosing delicately woven furniture and lighter colors to avoid looking too rustic. Incorporating large floor plants like fiddle-leaf fig trees or bamboo palms is a fool-proof way to add more freshness and color.

No matter where you call home, we invite you to use these resort destinations to inspire your space this summer.

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