Making a Splash

Stunning Kitchens with multi-colored green tile backsplashes and off white cabinetry are our favorite. In the middle of the kitchen, there is a large olive green island with a marble countertop.

When we want to bring texture and color into a space, our design team looks to their favorite material – tile. An endless amount of patterns, shapes, and colors turn simple tiles into unexpected artistic designs. Backsplashes, as well as countertops, feature walls, and floors, become the stars of extraordinarily imaginative spaces.

What is a backsplash? A backsplash refers to the kitchen wall material. It can span the entire wall, be a pop behind the range, or cover the area between the countertops and cabinets. It’s not only used as a decorative focal point for your kitchen design, it protects the walls from unsightly stains and marks that can be left behind from cooking. Tile is known for being durable, low maintenance, and easily sanitized, making it the perfect choice.   

The three most popular tiles for a kitchen backsplash are ceramic, glass, and stone. Ceramic tile is typically made from red or white clay and fired in a kiln. It is coated with a special glaze that protects and seals it, and gives it its color and pattern. Glass tiles are made from thin pieces of glass with translucent glaze fired onto the back of each tile. They reflect the light to give your kitchen the appearance of being brighter and larger. Natural stone tile is quarried from around the world and comes in a variety of mineral substances such as marble, travertine, quartz, and granite. The variations in surface texture and color give it incomparable beauty.

No matter your design style – rustic and cozy, or modern and sleek – you’re sure to find a tile you’ll fall in love with!

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