The Great Indoors

In this living room, we see displays of biophilic designs. With warm wood tone furniture and built in storage on the long wall, this space brings nature into the home.

How to bring Biophilic Design into your home Interior design incorporates the physical, mental, and emotional needs of people, using the human experience to create novel spaces. Since most people spend ninety percent of their time indoors, it is essential to create interiors that improve wellbeing and health.  Humans possess an innate tendency to seek […]

Conversations with Gramercy Atelier

Creativity Comes Custom: A Conversation with Gramercy Atelier   From the beginning of Gil Walsh’s career, it was evident that fashion would continue to play an integral role in her designs and personal expression. And with the launch of her first fabric collection, it wasn’t only other interior designers who took notice of her colorful […]

Gil Walsh’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when we open our homes and our hearts to the ones we hold dear, and the time-honored tradition of exchanging gifts commences. For me, selecting the perfect item for a loved one is like designing their space. Considering their tastes, personality, and proclivities, and distilling that into one gesture requires […]