Let’s Go Coastal

Coastal inspired living room with different shades or blue and lots of textures

Design Inspired by Chic Vacation Destinations
Vacation season is upon us, and beautiful summer locales provide endless decorating inspiration. Taking design cues from a few perennial favorites—think Newport’s historic homes on its vibrant harbor and rambling shingle-style houses on Martha’s Vineyard—why not find inspiration in coastal style all year long? Ahead are a few ways to bring coastal serenity into your home.

Mix in Antiques
Nothing says summer house-like spaces filled with collected treasures and heirlooms that have been in a family for generations. By incorporating what a client already owns, I can create something fresh and new. Combining classic American antiques with newly upholstered pieces creates a layered, unique mix and a nostalgic feel that imbues spaces with character and personality. Americana and folk art are experiencing a renewed appreciation due to an increased interest in quality handmade pieces. I like to add richly patterned multi colored quilts and use them throughout my Martha’s Vineyard home. They bring a certain coziness to a Federal four-poster bed made up with crisp bed linens.

Play with Pattern
Use coordinating blue and white fabrics and mix prints and patterns of varying sizes. The color palette can be incorporated throughout a space, and along with the rug choice, it is one of the best ways to tie a room together. This crisp combination is a recipe for coastal charm. If you would like a new twist on the classic traditional take, try bringing in a third color like red or yellow.

Sailing Style
Incorporate elements from the sea. A well-placed shell-encrusted mirror creates a dramatic focal point in an entryway adding a wow factor. Nautical motifs feel spirited and timeless when done with a light touch. Layer in prints with coral, shell, and fish patterns along with coordinating decorative accessories. This ties a room together and makes it feel interesting and unique.

Natural Beauty
Weave in natural materials like wicker and rattan for textural contrast. Not just for summer use anymore, these woven pieces are experiencing a surge in popularity and can be used in any room. Another way to include natural texture is through sisal rugs. They are soft underfoot and lighten everything up. Bringing these organic elements into the mix adds visual interest and is reminiscent of a beach’s sand-colored hues. I love decorating a living room and filling it with wicker chairs and sofas along with plush cushions upholstered in contrasting trim. It is these special, considered details that make for a more interesting end result.

Collect What You Love

Gather collections of pieces you love. You can go about collecting a few different ways, and either one works, because it is about how everything works together. Collect over time, or acquire a set as a complete collection. Buy what you love because if it is antique or vintage, chances are you may never see anything like it again. There are a variety of decorative objects that are seeing a renewed interest, and collecting goes through trends, just like fabrics, fashion, or jewelry do. Majolica is having a moment, blue and white porcelains displayed en masse, small decorative boxes, and hanging plates on the wall are just a few of the trends catching my eye recently.

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