Bright, Bold, and Beautiful: Lighting Makes The Room

Statement Lighting in this transitional, modern dining room.

Add elegance and ambiance to any interior with statement lighting.

There is no denying the power of lighting and the important role it plays in transforming a room. One of the biggest ways to make an impact in any interior is through beautiful, well-placed statement lighting. Often overlooked, it is a fundamental design detail that can make a room feel pulled together and polished. From bold sculptural pieces to elegant understated lamps, lighting adds ambiance, personality, and style to a well-designed home.

When selecting lighting, consider how the space functions. Is the room used every day, or specifically for entertaining? Think about the mood you would like to evoke. Lighting can be uplifting and energizing, or calming and soft. Take the size of the space into account, and any special features you want to emphasize. Don’t forget to factor in how the room looks during the day and the evening to determine the best placement.

To diffuse light around the space, place multiple light sources throughout for a layered, luminous effect. A high ceiling in a great room can benefit from a sculptural pendant fixture, but in other areas, sconces and decorative table lamps might be a better choice. One of my favorite trade secrets is using lighting with a dimming function; it instantly readies a room for entertaining.

From adding visual interest to serving a practical purpose, good lighting, and proper placement are key elements of an eye-catching and inviting interior. There is no doubt it can completely transform a space.

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