Living With Art

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Whether you have a significant art trove or dabble in collecting, how you live with it matters. 

Transforming blank walls by hanging art makes a house feel like a home. For many, art serves as the starting point for an interior, and for others, it is considered a finishing touch—there are a variety of approaches one can take. 

Art is highly personal and if my client loves a piece, I find a way to incorporate it into their home. Art can add creative, thought-provoking moments of connection, elicit an emotional response, and inject color and texture. So, where do you start? 

Think about placement. Entry foyers and living rooms are the most common places to display art, but determining where to place art, and how to display it are often conundrums. 

The dialog between pieces can continue from room to room. I love the impact a single large-scale piece of art has and enjoy juxtaposing contemporary paintings with traditional interiors. Hanging art gallery-style is an effective way to corral multiple framed pieces.

Hanging pieces salon-style at different heights makes for a more fluid, less linear look.

When it comes to the color palette, there are times when a canvas will inform the interiors and we will incorporate those hues. Other times, the subject matter is the focus. 

No matter what the medium, there are few things as meaningful as living surrounded by pieces you love that add an element of surprise, delight, or awe-inspired wonder.

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