New Year. New Trends. A Style Forecast For 2024

2024 trends reflect in this living space. Showcasing fresh window treatments and french doors out to the terrace.

As we kick off 2024, it’s time to talk about trends in interior design. From color and pattern to materials and silhouettes, design is ever-changing and evolving. Inspiration comes from fashion, art, parties, travel, and increasingly, Instagram. 

Want to know what’s new and what’s next? These are the design movements that you’re about to start seeing everywhere. 

I am excited to see Maximalist interiors being embraced. A more-is-more approach defines this movement. Think of layering daring pairings—sumptuous, fanciful patterns paired with animal prints and the gleam of metallic accents, and you get the idea. For colors, sage green and peach are two softer colors that are making a return.      

The desire for unique natural materials is also on the rise. In kitchens and baths, statement-making textured solid surfaces, such as richly veined striations in deep burgundy and green hues are emerging. 

One trend that will remain is mixing eras, materials, and styles with a personalized approach—pieces with provenance and patina paired with clean-lined silhouettes keep things visually interesting. 

Softer-edged, rounded designs continue into 2024, so expect to see curved sofas with round edges carry forward. And when it comes to walls, we love patterned wallpapers, scenic murals, and the transformative nature of flora and fauna—they transport you to another world. 

Each interior we design is as unique as the clients who live in it, and that is one trend that is here to stay.

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