Seeing Red

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How to Use the Color Red in Home Decorating.

Unlike other colors, red is bold and powerful, drawing the eye and demanding attention. It’s a statement maker. It can be intense but surprisingly versatile. It has the power to instantly lift your mood, and make you feel energized, passionate, or even hungry. It can be sophisticated, or completely dramatic.  It can make you feel warm and cozy or revved up with excitement. There are a few ways to incorporate red into your room design to create your desired effect.  

If you’re not ready to throw caution to the wind by painting your walls lipstick red, you can sprinkle the color in by adding pops of it throughout the room. Throw pillows, an area rug, and a lamp are all great ways to bring in just a touch of the color.

Using red patterns is a great way to add life to solid color furniture. Think white sofa with red striped pillows or a red plaid throw. 

Spotlighting one item will liven up the room without it feeling overwhelming. Choosing a red sofa attracts attention, creating a focal point for the room design. 

Opt for red walls when using neutral furniture in the room to add a bit of drama.  Or pair red with a complimentary color, like green, for stunning results. 

Once you’ve made the decision to decorate with red, decide how bold you’re going to be, and you’ll end up with a design to fall in love with. With design studios in Palm Beach, FL, and Martha’s Vineyard, Gil Walsh Interiors provides residential, commercial, and marine interior design services with a focus on traditional, transitional, and contemporary designs. To schedule a consult with one of our interior designers, please contact us by email. For additional design inspiration, we invite you to connect with Gil Walsh Interiors on Instagram and Facebook.