The Modern Makeover

Give Your Formal Dining Room an Modern Update.

For the past thirty years, the style and design of dining rooms have been in a constant state of transition. Formal dining rooms became relics of the past, leaving behind the days when families sat down together each night for a home-cooked meal. Open-concept living spaces became the new norm, shaping the home’s energy and flow. Then the pandemic hit and families were forced to be together twenty-four hours a day working, schooling, and entertaining themselves at home while the world shut down.

In the post-Covid era, people have realized the need for separate spaces within their homes, and the dining room is making a huge comeback. Today’s dining rooms are an adaptation of the formal styles of the past, reinvigorated with the addition of modern pieces and accents. These new dining rooms have become an essential space for families and friends to gather and enjoy the simple pleasures of eating, drinking, and talking together.

It’s easier than you think to update your formal dining room into a more modern space. Swapping out your traditional dining table with a contemporary version will give the room an instant facelift. If you choose to keep the chairs, reupholster them with modern fabrics that have a geometric pattern or performance fabrics with interesting textures. Painting the walls a lighter, brighter color will give the space renewed energy. Streamlined pendant lighting will become the hero of the room as it replaces the formal chandelier. Finish off the updated space by choosing simple accessories to achieve an eye-pleasing balance.

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