The Great Indoors

How to bring Biophilic Design into your home Interior design incorporates the physical, mental, and emotional needs of people, using the human experience to create novel spaces. Since most people spend ninety percent of their time indoors, it is essential to create interiors that improve wellbeing and health.  Humans possess an innate tendency to seek […]

Winter 2023
Trend Report

If our homes are a reflection of our lives, then the new year is a time to embrace change and transformation. This winter, we’re pulling inspiration from the past, the future, the natural, and the ethereal to create spaces that feel uniquely our own while embracing new trends and ideas.  Whether you’re refreshing your space […]

Featured Project: Southporte One

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to creating a warm, welcoming lobby for our client’s luxury condo in Jupiter, FL. Principal Designer Ashleigh Wilson takes us through the vision for Southporte One’s reimagined public space. What was interesting or unique about this space? What were your design goals? They had very dark and […]