Spring 2023 Trend Report

2023 Spring Trend Report

Stay inspired with the most coveted colors, collections, and design trends of the season. We often see spring as a time of renewal, for ourselves and our surroundings. And at GW Interiors, it’s the season of putting plans into action. From retro revivals to growing your antique collection, we’re pulling out all the stops on […]

Make a Statement

Large kitchen with a green island, white cabinets, and a green backsplash. Make a statement with this vibrant and stylish kitchen design.

Conversation pieces worth investing in If you look at any room in your house and can’t find a focal point, you might be missing a statement piece. With a singular element, you can create drama, visual interest, or tie an entire design scheme together. From lighting fixtures to vintage treasures, here are some of our […]

Conversations with Gramercy Atelier

Creativity Comes Custom: A Conversation with Gramercy Atelier   From the beginning of Gil Walsh’s career, it was evident that fashion would continue to play an integral role in her designs and personal expression. And with the launch of her first fabric collection, it wasn’t only other interior designers who took notice of her colorful […]

How To Hire a Luxury Interior Designer

Step-by-step guide. Gorgeous red console table in a bright hallway. There is a blue landscape art piece hanging above the table. On the table, there are books, a plant, and a gold decorative ball that looks like a sea urchin. Under the table sits a black and white striped decorative foot stool.

From choosing the right designer to calculating your budget, we’ve created a free step-by-step guide for an effortless approach to timeless design. Download Now Follow for more inspiration.

A Tale of Two Styles

The Hamptons and Palm Beach. Two iconic summer destinations with two distinct styles. As the influx of New Yorkers moving to South Florida continues, they’re bringing their Northeast tastes with them, presenting an opportunity to marry the coastal chicness of the Hamptons with the colorful prep of Palm Beach. From color schemes to textiles, here’s […]

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful: Lighting Makes The Room

Statement Lighting in this transitional, modern dining room.

Add elegance and ambiance to any interior with statement lighting. There is no denying the power of lighting and the important role it plays in transforming a room. One of the biggest ways to make an impact in any interior is through beautiful, well-placed statement lighting. Often overlooked, it is a fundamental design detail that […]

Let’s Go Coastal

Coastal inspired living room with different shades or blue and lots of textures

Design Inspired by Chic Vacation Destinations Vacation season is upon us, and beautiful summer locales provide endless decorating inspiration. Taking design cues from a few perennial favorites—think Newport’s historic homes on its vibrant harbor and rambling shingle-style houses on Martha’s Vineyard—why not find inspiration in coastal style all year long? Ahead are a few ways […]

Fall 2023 Trend Report

For many, the season of fall is a return. To routine, to work, and to a comforting sense of self.  Similarly, this season we’re seeing a return to tradition and schemes imbued with a sense of nostalgia. From retro revivals to growing your antique collection, we’ve curated our favorite              […]

Call It a Reset: Refresh Your Home For Fall

Eclectic living room with antiques, fall colors and patterns.

As autumn arrives, bringing crisp air and shorter days, we turn our attention to cozy, welcoming spaces, and prepare to spend more time indoors. There are myriad ways to enhance your interiors with fall-inspired decor, from layering in texture and color to bringing nature indoors. Ahead, I share my favorite ways to create rooms worth […]

Make an Entrance

glamorous entryway with stairway

When it comes to your home, why not make a memorable entrance? An entryway tells a story, setting the scene for what is to come. From the minute your guests walk in the door, you want them to be wowed. Are you looking to create a glamorous moment or a serene escape? This is your […]

The Beauty of the Bespoke

The hand-crafted artisan details we see in bespoke fashion also have a place in the home.  Everything from hand-carved molding to scenic murals enliven interiors by incorporating the human element and imparting personality, style, and visual interest. Here are a few ways to incorporate these one-of-a-kind, bespoke elements into a space. Consider the walls. Carved […]

Gil Walsh’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when we open our homes and our hearts to the ones we hold dear, and the time-honored tradition of exchanging gifts commences. For me, selecting the perfect item for a loved one is like designing their space. Considering their tastes, personality, and proclivities, and distilling that into one gesture requires […]

New Year. New Trends. A Style Forecast For 2024

2024 trends reflect in this living space. Showcasing fresh window treatments and french doors out to the terrace.

As we kick off 2024, it’s time to talk about trends in interior design. From color and pattern to materials and silhouettes, design is ever-changing and evolving. Inspiration comes from fashion, art, parties, travel, and increasingly, Instagram.  Want to know what’s new and what’s next? These are the design movements that you’re about to start […]

Featured Project: Pretty In Palm Beach Pink

Year Built: 2002 Location: Palm Beach  Architect: Patrick Segraves of SKA Architect + Planner of Palm Beach Photographed by: Dan Cutrona     Designed for a client who loves to entertain and host dinner parties, this Palm Beach residence is at once elegant and refined. Located in Palm Beach, this Palm Beach home channels classic old […]

Living With Art

Interior design living room art collection living with art statement piece

Whether you have a significant art trove or dabble in collecting, how you live with it matters.  Transforming blank walls by hanging art makes a house feel like a home. For many, art serves as the starting point for an interior, and for others, it is considered a finishing touch—there are a variety of approaches […]

The Enduring Chic of Palm Beach Style

During the winter months, those looking to escape the gray doldrums descend on Palm Beach. Known for its blue skies, sea breezes, and verdant hedges, the resort town is beloved for its manicured perfection and civilized charm. When it comes to design, there is a distinctive Palm Beach style that defines the interiors of this […]