Seeing Red

Kitchen Legler Vero

How to Use the Color Red in Home Decorating. Unlike other colors, red is bold and powerful, drawing the eye and demanding attention. It’s a statement maker. It can be intense but surprisingly versatile. It has the power to instantly lift your mood, and make you feel energized, passionate, or even hungry. It can be […]

The Yacht Life

Gil Walsh Interiors Brings Color and Comfort to Interior Yacht Design. When most people think of interior design, images of beautifully decorated homes come to mind. When they think of a yacht, they picture cocktails, ocean breezes, and sunbathing on deck. But for yacht owners, their vessel is more than just a type of water […]

The Modern Makeover

Give Your Formal Dining Room an Modern Update. For the past thirty years, the style and design of dining rooms have been in a constant state of transition. Formal dining rooms became relics of the past, leaving behind the days when families sat down together each night for a home-cooked meal. Open-concept living spaces became […]

Bring the Summertime Vibes

Summer vibes in this bright living room. The natural textured screen shades and greenery give this room a tropical feel that plays nicely with the striking colors of the pillows and throws. Create a summer staycation in your own home.

How to Transform Your Home Into a Summer Staycation Haven. Longer days and warmer weather mean summer is just around the corner. While you might not be able to jet off to a tropical oasis for a relaxing vacation, you can enjoy summertime living right from your own home. Here are a few ways to […]

The Fifth Wall

Elevating Your Ceiling Design. When it comes to designing the interior of a space, most people think about the furniture, the floor, and the four walls, but there is one wall that is often entirely overlooked: the ceiling. As the upper interior of a room, the ceiling is the fifth wall, and a decorative surface […]

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk. This large, transitional style living room showcases different size and styles of pillows in the blue color family.

Pillow Combinations to Liven up your Living Room. Any time of year is the perfect time to freshen up your living room by introducing a new mix of throw pillow combinations. They are the ultimate accessory, enhancing any piece of furniture and adding personality to your space. Countless colors, patterns, and textures provide unlimited combinations […]

GW Interiors Fall Trend Report

Stay inspired with the most coveted colors, collections, and design trends of the season. This fall, we see a dramatic chasm in trends, some that deliver exuberance and maximalist ideals…

The Fifth Wall

Elevating Your Ceiling Design When it comes to designing the interior of a space, most people think about the furniture, the floor, and the four walls, but there is one…

Making a Splash

Stunning Kitchens with multi-colored green tile backsplashes and off white cabinetry are our favorite. In the middle of the kitchen, there is a large olive green island with a marble countertop.

GW Interiors Shares Their Favorite Trends in Backsplashes When we want to bring texture and color into a space, our design team looks to their favorite material – tile. An endless amount of patterns, shapes, and colors turn simple tiles into unexpected artistic designs. Backsplashes, as well as countertops, feature walls, and floors, become the […]

Winter 2023
Trend Report

A variety of patterned and textured fabrics showing the Winter Trend Report's Color of the Season: Vining Ivy.

If our homes are a reflection of our lives, then the new year is a time to embrace change and transformation. This winter, we’re pulling inspiration from the past, the future, the natural, and the ethereal to create spaces that feel uniquely our own while embracing new trends and ideas.  Whether you’re refreshing your space […]

Featured Project: Southporte One

Southporte One is an interior space that was designed with mid-century modern fixtures to work with the geometry in the space. Blue and green accents compliment the cream drapes and sofa.

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to creating a warm, welcoming lobby for our client’s luxury condo in Jupiter, FL. Principal Designer Ashleigh Wilson takes us through the vision for Southporte One’s reimagined public space. What was interesting or unique about this space? What were your design goals? They had very dark and […]

Spring 2023 Trend Report

2023 Spring Trend Report

Stay inspired with the most coveted colors, collections, and design trends of the season. We often see spring as a time of renewal, for ourselves and our surroundings. And at GW Interiors, it’s the season of putting plans into action. From retro revivals to growing your antique collection, we’re pulling out all the stops on […]

Make a Statement

Large kitchen with a green island, white cabinets, and a green backsplash. Make a statement with this vibrant and stylish kitchen design.

Conversation pieces worth investing in If you look at any room in your house and can’t find a focal point, you might be missing a statement piece. With a singular element, you can create drama, visual interest, or tie an entire design scheme together. From lighting fixtures to vintage treasures, here are some of our […]

How To Hire a Luxury Interior Designer

Step-by-step guide. Gorgeous red console table in a bright hallway. There is a blue landscape art piece hanging above the table. On the table, there are books, a plant, and a gold decorative ball that looks like a sea urchin. Under the table sits a black and white striped decorative foot stool.

From choosing the right designer to calculating your budget, we’ve created a free step-by-step guide for an effortless approach to timeless design. Download Now Follow for more inspiration.

A Tale of Two Styles

The Hamptons and Palm Beach. Two iconic summer destinations with two distinct styles. As the influx of New Yorkers moving to South Florida continues, they’re bringing their Northeast tastes with them, presenting an opportunity to marry the coastal chicness of the Hamptons with the colorful prep of Palm Beach. From color schemes to textiles, here’s […]

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful: Lighting Makes The Room

Statement Lighting in this transitional, modern dining room.

Add elegance and ambiance to any interior with statement lighting. There is no denying the power of lighting and the important role it plays in transforming a room. One of the biggest ways to make an impact in any interior is through beautiful, well-placed statement lighting. Often overlooked, it is a fundamental design detail that […]

Let’s Go Coastal

Coastal inspired living room with different shades or blue and lots of textures

Design Inspired by Chic Vacation Destinations Vacation season is upon us, and beautiful summer locales provide endless decorating inspiration. Taking design cues from a few perennial favorites—think Newport’s historic homes on its vibrant harbor and rambling shingle-style houses on Martha’s Vineyard—why not find inspiration in coastal style all year long? Ahead are a few ways […]

Fall 2023 Trend Report

For many, the season of fall is a return. To routine, to work, and to a comforting sense of self.  Similarly, this season we’re seeing a return to tradition and schemes imbued with a sense of nostalgia. From retro revivals to growing your antique collection, we’ve curated our favorite              […]

Call It a Reset: Refresh Your Home For Fall

Eclectic living room with antiques, fall colors and patterns.

As autumn arrives, bringing crisp air and shorter days, we turn our attention to cozy, welcoming spaces, and prepare to spend more time indoors. There are myriad ways to enhance your interiors with fall-inspired decor, from layering in texture and color to bringing nature indoors. Ahead, I share my favorite ways to create rooms worth […]

Make an Entrance

glamorous entryway with stairway

When it comes to your home, why not make a memorable entrance? An entryway tells a story, setting the scene for what is to come. From the minute your guests walk in the door, you want them to be wowed. Are you looking to create a glamorous moment or a serene escape? This is your […]